Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner Essay

Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner Essay


Dear Sir/Madam,


This letter shows my interest in the family nurse position advertised on 19th February 2020. I am a graduate of a family nurse from the Washington Adventist University, and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree at Walden University as a family nurse practitioner. I also have over 10-years of experience as a registered nurse. In my line of operation, I have been consistent and passionate about bringing social changes to organizations and having an opportunity to care for patients with chronic and acute conditions. Additionally, as I send my application for the above-referenced position, I am also looking to expand my career while working at the institution.

Currently, I am a clinical administrator and float pool nurse at Shady Groove Medical Center. While working there for both positions, I have gained skills in overseeing staff, supervising units/departments, and ensuring regulatory compliance, patient safety, time management, and personal safety. The institution has also given me opportunities to interpret and analyze patient history, conduct diagnostic tests, perform physical examinations, and make diagnoses in a busy critical care unit.

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Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner Essay

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Ultimately, I can effectively work as a team player or independently to guarantee better service delivery for the people with or without supervision. I can function under pressure and still maintain a calm nature that will allow solutions for problematic issues that require my attention. Throughout my studies, I have acquired essential skills such as professional practice guidelines, standards of care, and scientific rationale that are critical for developing treatment plans based on evidence-based principles.

When given a chance to work at this institution, I can guarantee a positive and cooperative attitude and implement my skills to advance the organization’s interests. I believe that even as  I advance my career while working in this organization, my contribution will help stir the organization to greater heights. It would be my pleasure to be considered part of the team. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Student Name

Enclosure: Resume


I am adaptable and result-driven, with over ten years of experience as a registered nurse (RN). I have had the privilege of providing care to patients with varying medical conditions and demographics in my career, which has given me exceptional knowledge and skills to function in different clinical settings. I have a ton of other qualifications in quality assurance, case management, utilization, and practice management, which guarantees reliability in my performance. Currently, I work at Shady Grove Medical Center as a clinical administrator and float pool nurse.


To use my significant professional knowledge and expertise to improve patients’ lives and contribute to good social change in communities by providing a compassionate heart to all people, regardless of color, age, or religion.


  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): Family Nurse Practitioner- Walden University- May 2019-present
  • Critical Care Course: Presbyterian University- Sept. 2010
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): Chicago University- May 2007-August 2014
  • General Studies in Arts & Science: Montgomery college 2003-2007
  • High School Diploma: Neo City Academy 2002-2003


  • Competent in following infection control standards and procedures
  • Proficient in ensuring the efficacy of treatment by treatment regimens and providing patient-focused care
  • Proficient skills in specimen collection, foley insertion, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, wound care, NG tube insertion and removal, and oxygen administration



Clinical Administrator

Shady Grove Medical Center; January 2020 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise units
  • Overseen staffing
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Patient Care Technician (IMCU & FLOAT POOL)

Community Health Centers: December 2010- July 2017

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensured patients were safe and clean
  • Checked patient status on time
  • Used therapeutic communication to meet patient needs
  • Reported critical changes of patients to nurses


  • Offered support to families by providing care, education, interventions, and procedures
  • Perform full patient assessments
  • Collaboration with physicians in implementing and planning effective patient care


RN: Maryland Board of Nursing: Current


Available on request


As a future nurse practitioner (FNP), I hope to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment to all patients while providing education and support to their families. I promise to provide equal care to all patients, regardless of age, color, or religious affiliation. I also pledge to foster an environment where patients can be open and honest without fear of being criticized. I treat each patient fairly and the same way that I would want to be treated.

FNPs’ success, in my opinion, is dependent on their capacity to build close relationships with their patients and to try to understand their needs from their point of view. It’s critical to find out what the patients believe is going on with their health or the ongoing changes in their bodies. I enjoy asking open-ended questions such as, “What do you think?” What are your thoughts? These questions enable me to see the patients as a whole. The answers to these questions assist me in figuring out whether the patient’s problems are psychological or physical.


Short Term Goals

  • Become a certified FNP upon my MSN program completion
  • Practice cultural inclusivity in community engagement, leadership, and research
  • Seek full-time employment to provide quality and equal care to communities and patients in a busy organization

Long Term Goals

  • Become an NP receptor to mentor young nurse practitioners to become competent in their respective fields
  • Enroll in Doctor of Nursing (DNS) program after MSN program completion

The Assignment
Develop a cover letter, resume, philosophy statement, and other professional resources that meet the requirements outlined in the Career Planner Guide.
As you approach the end of your Master of Science in Nursing program and prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner, you will want to create a cover letter, resume, and portfolio that best represent your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a professional in the field of nursing.

For this Assignment, you will create a Career Planner, which includes these elements, that you can use as you pursue your next professional role.
To Prepare
Review the Career Planner Guide. This document contains the requirements for the Assignment as well as resources to consult.
Seek out other resources on cover letters, resumes, and other professional resources, as needed. The Walden University Career Planning and Development site has information on many topics of relevance.
Learning Resources
Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)

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Scroll to ANCC Study Aids – Free for sample test questions and study guides to help you prepare for your certification exam.
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Chapter 12, “Health Policy and the Nurse Practitioner”
Chapter 14, “Mentoring”
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Chapter 1, “Preparing to Pass the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam” (for review as needed)
Chapter 16, “Practice Test”
Document: Career Planner Guide

Required Media (click to expand/reduce)

APRN Central. (2019, October 27). Goal digger: Test taking strategies [Video]. YouTube.

DrRegisteredNurse. (2020, February 16). Test-taking strategies to pass the NCLEX in 75 questions part 1 [Video]. YouTube.

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Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner Essay

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