Comparing Processors Essay

Comparing Processors Essay

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a renowned company that produces microchips, motherboards, semiconductors, and other computer accessories. Jerry Sanders invented AMD, Jon Carey, and Jack Gifford, and the company is in Santa Clara, California (Kumar, 2019). AMD is known to have great processors with modern computing, which are highly responsive, robust security measures, superb efficiency, and flexible open standards (Sorokin et al., 2020). AMD keeps embracing technology; hence it has consistent features compatible with the current infrastructures (Kumar, 2019). As a result, many people prefer to deal with AMD for business purposes because it is business ready and has eighteen-month planned stability. This makes it easy to run a business effectively since the above features are open and straightforward. Intel processors have been in existence for over 55 years. Intel Corporation was founded in California and is the world’s largest chip and semiconductor manufacturer (Sorokin et al., 2020). The first Intel processor was made in 1971, making it easy for people to use computers at home and in their offices. Intel has four processor ranges whereby one chooses the suitable processor for their needs. The advancement in technology has made it easy for Intel processors to reduce size. Intel and AMD processes have different features that make them unique. This essay will explore the similarities and differences between AMD and Intel processors for business computing.


Both AMD and Intel are renowned companies that produce quality processors. One similar feature between the two companies is their common goal: high performance at a low price (Kumar, 2019). Both companies produce motherboards which are circuitry at the base of all the personal computers. The two processors aim to make it easy for people to work efficiently and faster. Another significant similarity between the two processors is that they can create Central Processing Unit chips for a personal computer (Kumar, 2019). This helps in reducing competition from other companies like Via. Most people buy either AMD or Intel since they are of high quality, and their CPUs/ chips have been in the market for a long time. This makes them more efficient and effective in business. Although the two processors are similar, they have differences.


One of the differences between Intel and AMD is dependent on performance. According to Kumar (2019), Intel has more powerful processors than AMD. However, the powerful processor costs more. One of the reasons the Intel processor is more efficient but expensive is that they are produced with a lower thermal design power (Kumar, 2019). Following this, the processor can handle more chipsets efficiently. In addition, the Intel processors have more cache. As a result, it becomes easy for the processor to perform repetitive tasks efficiently. On the other hand, AMD processors do not use a lower thermal design power; hence, they are less efficient than Intel processors.

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Comparing Processors Essay

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Another significant difference between the AMD and Intel processors is power consumption. It is important to consider power dissipation and the energy consumption in different types of computers. Some businesses may need a processor that saves on power to be easy to use even when power is low. Following this, Intel has a lower power consumption than the AMD processor. According to Oi (2018), AMD’s overall power is 66 watts higher than Intel’s. As a result, many people prefer Intel processors, especially in areas where power availability is not guaranteed. Intel aims to produce more conservative processors than AMD; hence, one can choose the most preferred processor depending on power availability and efficiency.

Another difference between AMD and Intel processors is the Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (iGPU). The iGPU is a programmable processor specialized to render all the images on the computer’s screen. According to Turner et al. (2018), Intel processor as iGPU in almost all the core I series. However, the iGPU is not available in the core I F-series. On the other hand, AMD has iGPU in all the AMD APU series. The Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) is the series of processors that acts as a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on a single chip die (Turner et al., 2018). Consequently, this makes the GPU performance high and more efficient than the Intel iGPU. In this case, one should evaluate the type of business they want to do with the computer.

Multiprocessing capabilities between the AMD and Intel processors are different. According to Hanafi et al. (2020), multiprocessing uses two or more Central Processing Units in one computer system. Multiprocessing, therefore, makes work easier by making the processor work more effectively and efficiently. Although the two processors have symmetric multiprocessing systems, the capabilities of the two processors are different. As Hanafi et al. (2020) state, the symmetric multiprocessing system is the ability to process various programs through the use of multiple processors with standard memory and operating system. Intel processors have symmetric capabilities of up to 4 sockets/ 28cores (Sorokin et al., 2020). This means that one can use this processor if they do not want to process more programs that use more than four sockets at 280 cores. On the other hand, the AMD processor has an asymmetric multiprocessing capability of up to 8 sockets/128 cores (Sorokin et al., 2020). In this case, the AMD processor allows more work within a unit of time. People in big businesses prefer to use the AMD processor since there is higher output within less time than Intel processors, which have relatively lower output.

Other significant differences between Intel and AMD processors depend on the processor’s features. According to Kumar (2019), the clock speed for the Intel processor can reach and o beyond 5.0GHz. However, the clock speed for the AMD processor can only get to 5.0GHz, but it cannot go beyond that. Besides, when the clock speed reaches 5.0 GHz, the computer produces more heat (Kumar, 2019). In terms of heating, the Intel processor may heat up when a person uses the clock speed boost of 14nm. On the other hand, the AMD processor stays cooler since it has smaller lithography; hence chances of overheating are less (Kumar, 2019). It is also essential to consider the cost efficiency of the two processors; In this case, the Intel processors are less expensive at the lower range while the AMD processors are less expensive at the higher range. One should evaluate these factors and choose the processor that will make it easy to handle various activities.

Which is Better

From the above analysis, I would choose AMD over the Intel processors. It matters because I want to choose something of high quality but cheaper at the same time. I would choose AMD over Intel because AMD offers the same essential product at a more affordable price than the Intel Processor (Kumar, 2019). Since Intel is well established as it has been in the market for a long, its prices have continued to influence AMD for a long time. For example, the AMD Athlon XP processor has almost the same features as the Intel processor, but it is about tea lf price (Kumar, 2019). In this case, I would prefer to buy the AMD processor since it will function the same, but I will save some cash. Another reason I would choose AMD over Intel processors because AMD produces clones used for the Intel products and their chips and their motherboard developments (Kumar, 2019). Following this analysis, it is better to buy a processor of I quality but cheaper at the same time.


The AMD and Intel processors have similarities and differences based on multiple metrics. The two processors are similar in that they both have a common goal. Although the companies are different, they aim to deliver quality at less cost. Besides, the two processors have continued to embrace technology by advancing their features, hence why they are now more efficient. One of the most important things to note is that AMD is inexpensive and delivers the beast chip called the Ryzen processor. The processor has therefore brought a lot of revolution in the market. The AMD processor stays cooler; hence it is very suitable for business computing since there will be a lot of activities carried out. When using the Intel processor, one needs to use a Clock Speed Boost, which leads to overheating, which might damage the CPU.



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Research Paper: Comparing Processors Paper Assignment Instructions



Compare and contrast the differences between AMD and Intel processors for business computing. Why would you chose one over the other?  Does it matter?…if so why?


Your paper will be 5-8 full pages and must be supported by a minimum of 5 reputable sources and accompanying citations in APA format and must be submitted to Canvas.  Please note that your abstract, title page and bibliography are not counted as pages.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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Comparing Processors Essay

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