DQ1 Select a social problem that is important to you

DQ1 Select a social problem that is important to you

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Select a social problem that is important to you. Explain how this problem is socially constructed. What contributes to this social problem? What elements of society contribute to this problem, and how can it be alleviated? How is this problem perpetuated today?

DQ2 The sociological imagination encourages the idea to look at the world and its situations through a wider lens. Consider a social problem that you, your family, or maybe your close friends have experienced.  To look at the problem through a wider lens than your own perspective, apply the sociological imagination to the problem:

In order to do this, look past your previously constructed rationale, explore other possible reasons, on the micro (individual) and macro (political/systems/global) levels that may have impacted or perpetuated this social problem. Describe how using your sociological imagination helps you see the social problem. Does it widen your view?

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DQ1 Select a social problem that is important to you

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Good evening everyone,

This was a bit of a challenge, but for myself I chose child abuse. In regards to child abuse, it spans much

more so than the verbal and physical aspects, this matter extends now into psychological and sexual abuse

as well. Not only is this something that is found here within the United States, but it is something that

expands more so all over the world, as this involves various ways of culture and development as it is

viewed from different eyes. While some of these forms of abuse are deeply rooted either in tradition or

parenting styles familiar to that particular person or culture it leaves a wide gap that is often a grey area

for many (Reisig & Miller, 2009, p.28).

Now on to what can contribute to child abuse, that area alone is expansive. This covers such a broad area

that there is more still the be understood in regards to the extent of damage being caused. A particular

aspect could be related to the parents, or guardians of the child where there is some sort of mental health

illness that has not been addressed in regards to their care, and if they are capable of taking care of their

child. This can stem from the following:


PTSD or CPTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder OR Complex post traumatic stress disorder)

Physical injury or incapability such as permanent damage that renders the person of being

unable to care for their family.

Mental illness such as: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Crisis of some sort, Trauma

Domestic Violence – stems from single parenting, abusive relationship between parents, or

significant others

Drug use – Alcohol, drug use, various substance abuses

Lack of parenting skills

Fear due to a history of abuse themselves

Lack or low self – esteem

Financial problems (CDC, 2021)


Crying for extended periods

Tantrums and whining

Disobedience and lying

Physical appearance (for example, resembles someone who is viewed negatively by the

caregiver) (Children’s Wisconsin, 2021).

Sadly, the list can continue to go on for miles so to speak for both children and adults. Yet at the same

time, many people attribute it to be a common factor in regards to parenting as the individual either is

considered to be a first time parent, or even repeating the cycle as that was how they happened to be

SOC 220 Topic 2 DQ 1

Read the journal articles about various inequalities that exist in America.  Pick one of the areas (such as wage inequality, gender pay, racial gaps, etc).  What are some historical solutions to the area of inequality that you selected? Explain if modern day solutions have been more effective in alleviating the problem or not.

SOC 220 Topic 2 DQ 2

Compare and contrast the American and Norwegian incarceration systems. Distinguish at least three characteristics that are similar as well as distinct. Identify what is being done in each system to minimize the negative impacts on individuals lives, the community, and the larger issue of incarceration and its impact on society. Which characteristics seem to be the most effective?

SOC 220 Topic 3 DQ 1

Poverty in urban areas tends to perpetuate social deviance. GCU conducts community outreach to local areas that are struggling with poverty. After reading the GCU Statement on Integrating Faith and Work document, how might the CWV influence the way to address this social problem?

SOC 220 Topic 3 DQ 2

Investigate and create a list of both informal and formal deviance (things that were/are against the law as well as those against social norms). Identify at a solution/technique/action that was used both historically and used in modern times, to control/react to the deviant behavior you listed. Discuss what the differences are and if the modern solutions are more effective than historical solutions and why modern solutions replaced historical ones.

SOC 220 Topic 4 DQ 1

Consider why persons with disabilities are considered a vulnerable population. Share with others experiences you may have had with individuals born with a physical ailment, children or adults with cognitive delays, people who may have suffered traumatic brain injury (i.e. possibly due to an accident, effects from war, etc.). What have you learned about challenges that impact their lives, that you may not have considered without this personal experience? Research programs that exist (America, or globally) to better integrate persons with disabilities into society and mitigate the disparities they face. Develop your own list of opportunities/programs/activities that can better support people with various disabilities. Consider the Micro and Macro approach to your thinking, and develop at least one idea per level. Why do you feel these may be viable solutions? What may be some of the barriers that these ideas face?

SOC 220 Topic 4 DQ 2

Elder abuse in America, and around the world, is a social problem that may not be recognized. To gain a better understanding, use the following website to gain background information: .

Define elder abuse, and explain what makes an older adult vulnerable. What has been done in the past, in your own state, or in another part of the world to educate, prevent, or mitigate the effects of elder abuse? Have these solutions been effective? What about current solutions? Explain if current solutions are more effective.

SOC 220 Topic 5 DQ 1

According to some politicians, student loan debt is an economic emergency that is stopping young people from such things as purchasing cars, starting businesses, buying their own homes, etc. Historically, what has been done to alleviate this social problem? How do you think, if perpetuated, this problem may impact you or the community you live in? What are some solutions to this modern day problem?

SOC 220 Topic 5 DQ 2

Research the issue of education disparity between impoverished families and those from high income families/communities. Explain if research shows that students from high income families achieve better in school. Develop a list outlining possible reasons why this disparity is real. Next, create a list of possible solutions micro (individual) and macro (systems, laws) solutions) that can address this disparity, with hopes of closing the gap.

SOC 220 Topic 6 DQ 1

There are many arguments and much research that demonstrates the failing healthcare system for urban America. Researching the issue of failing healthcare, develop a list of historic as well as contemporary healthcare inequalities and consider how you agree/disagree. Provide support to your arguments. Historically, what has been done to help alleviate this social problem? What are some effective modern day solutions being proposed? Explain why they are effective. GCU SOC 220 Full Course Discussions

SOC 220 Topic 6 DQ 2

What do you think is the most pressing social problem facing America throughout the term of the last five presidents and today?  What do you feel is the role of the government in the process of dealing with the social problems of their time on the micro and macro levels?  What do you think has shaped your views?

SOC 220 Topic 7 DQ 1

There are various forms of collective violence.  These include:

-War, terrorism, political conflicts

-Genocide, disappearances, torture, human rights abuses

-Organized violent crime (gangs, etc.)

In order to apply the sociological imagination to this problem, select one of the forms of collective violence and describe the consequences of that type of collective violence on the macro and micro levels. What might it be like to experience the type of collective violence you selected? Give specifics of how your current life would be affected by this type of violence. What global social problems might be perpetuated by this type of collective violence? Next, propose a possible solution to the global social problems you presented.

SOC 220 Topic 7 DQ 2

Migration and immigration is an age-old process of people moving across borders. Some argue it is detrimental to a country’s stability and others say that it brings benefits. Historically, what were some effective solutions to this social phenomenon? Develop a list of pros and cons to U.S. as well as Global migration. Describe the impact on individuals, countries, and the larger world context. What are some effective modern day solutions that are being proposed? GCU SOC 220 Full Course Discussions


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DQ1 Select a social problem that is important to you

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