Intro To Sociology Final Project Check-In Sheet Paper

Intro To Sociology Final Project Check-In Sheet Paper

The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Format of Project

For my final project, I will present “The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health.” This will explore the relationship between social media usage and mental health, examining the potential adverse effects it can have on individuals’ well-being. Additionally, I will discuss the underlying mechanisms through which social media influences mental health and highlight the importance of promoting a better sociological understanding of this topic.

Importance of Concept to Society

The concept of the impact of social media on mental health is crucial to wider society due to the pervasive presence of social media platforms in people’s lives. With the increasing reliance on social media for communication, information, and entertainment, it is essential to comprehend its potential consequences on individuals’ mental well-being. Improved sociological understanding of this topic will enable individuals, communities, and policymakers to develop strategies and interventions to mitigate the negative effects and foster a healthier relationship with social media. It will also lead to the creation of guidelines for responsible social media use, awareness campaigns about mental health issues related to social media, and the development of more supportive online environments.

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Intro To Sociology Final Project Check-In Sheet Paper

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Intro To Sociology Final Project Check-In Sheet


For the final project you are tasked with teaching outsiders about a concept or idea that we have learned about this semester. You can use whatever medium you want, including a standard essay. You can record a podcast, create a padlet, write a long-form blog post, etc. You will be evaluated using the following set of criteria:


Demonstrates a clear understanding of the concept (20 points)

Makes clear why the concept is important for modern society (15 points)

Demonstrates effort commensurate with a final class project (20 points)

Showcases creativity and imaginative thinking (15 points)



To make sure that everyone is on track to turn in a solid final product you are being tasked with completing the project check-in sheet so that I can give everyone feedback.



Chosen concept or idea (5 points)

Please identify the concept or idea that you are going to be focusing on for the project:

  • Sexism and feminism



Format of Project (5 points)

Please identify what form your final project will take (short essay, padlet, short video, digital poster, etc.)

  • Short essay


Importance of Concept to Society (5 points)

Please briefly describe why your chosen topic is important to wider society. What would change if people had a better sociological understanding of your chosen topic?

  • This topic is very significant to wider society because women everyday experience sexism and have higher rates of domestic violence, sexual assault, etc. There are very important topics I learned about how society contributes towards putting women down like the pink tax, and the creation of making children toys in a specific way that promotes women as staying in the household. I find sexism and feminism to be very important to todays world and feel people do not know all of the ways that sexism exits in the modern world, for instance like the pink tax.


Class Materials Referenced (5 points)

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Intro To Sociology Final Project Check-In Sheet Paper

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