NR 391 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2

NR 391 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2 Recent

Guidelines for Course Project Milestone 2:

Interview Guide and Questions


The purpose of the Course Project is to give the student the opportunity to apply concepts in transcultural nursing by conducting a transcultural nursing assessment. The purpose of Milestone 2 is to develop an interview guide utilizing open-ended questions that will encourage participation by the interviewee.

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NR 391 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2

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Course Outcomes

The completion of the Course Project enables the student to meet the following Course Outcomes.

CO#1: Identify theories, concepts, and beliefs related to transcultural nursing. (PO#1)

CO#2: Communicate effectively with culturally diverse individuals, families, and organizations. (PO #3)

CO#4: Perform a culturally competent nursing assessment. (PO#3)


The entire project is worth 600 points. Milestone 2 is worth 200 points of this total.

Due Dates

You are to submit your completed NR391Milestone2: Interview Questions Form to the Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, at the end of Week 4.

Requirements and Guidelines

1. Review the Course Outcomes for this assignment, which are listed above.

2. Review the directions and best practices found in the Course Project tab, located under Course Home.

3. Research your interviewee’s cultural background prior to developing questions. What impact may the culture have on the interviewee’s physical health, that is, what illnesses and conditions are prevalent in this culture? What are commonly held beliefs about health in the interviewee’s culture of origin that could influence the interviewee’s perception of healthcare and health practices in the current culture? Refer to Appendix A in your text and select five (5) categories upon which you will concentrate for your interview guide and questions.

4. Develop an interview guide and questions with specific initial and follow-up questions. Include questions that reflect an understanding of the categories (Appendix A) that you selected about the influence culture may have on the interviewee.

5. Review the Differences Between Closed and Open-Ended Questions document in DocSharing entitled. Use the suggestions to formulate your initial and follow-up questions.

6. Download the NR391_Milestone2_Interview_Questions_Form from Doc Sharing.

7. Fill in information about the interview guide and questions using the form. This does not require APA formatting, however, you are expected to write clearly and use proper grammar and spelling.

8. Submit the completed form to the Milestone 2 Dropbox by the Sunday of Week 4 at 11:59 p.m. MT.

9. Prior to submission of Milestone 3, revise the Interview Guide and Questions based on instructor feedback.

NOTE: Do not schedule the interview to occur until after midnight on Friday of Week 5 to allow your instructor time to grade your Milestone 2 Assignment unless you have obtained special permission from your instructor. Do not conduct the interview until after midnight on Friday of Week 5 for the same reasons. If the interviewee’s schedule requires that you conduct the interview before this day and time, consult your instructor regarding early submission of the Interview Guide and Questions to ensure that you receive comments in time to incorporate revisions before the interview. Make sure you obtain his/her permission before proceeding

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NR 391 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2

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