NURS 5051 Walden University Application of Data to Problem Solving Discussion

NURS 5051 Walden University Application of Data to Problem Solving Discussion

This week’s discussion will focus on how the access and analysis of data can facilitate both problem-solving and knowledge formation. You will reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the resources. You will consider a hypothetical scenario based on your own healthcare practice or organization that would benefit from the collection and analysis of data to gain knowledge. The scenario will involve an issue or gap that impacts patients, staff, or management. The scenario needs to focus on a question that you will answer (gain knowledge) with the data you propose to collect. If you choose a patient issue, you need to collect data on many patients, this is not a case study with data from 1 patient. If you choose a staff or management issue, you need to collect data a group of people. The scenario needs to derive knowledge from the process of gathering and analyzing the data collected from groups of people.


Here is an example of a scenario:

Due to a rise in 30 day readmissions, a nurse care coordinator has been assigned a panel of CHF patients whose vital signs, weight, and oxygen saturation will be remotely monitored upon discharge to their home. Clinical algorithms will process this data and send alerts to the nurse when the data indicates deterioration in the health status of the patient. This alert triggers the nurse to contact the patient. The nurse thinks it will beneficial to gather this clinical data and other data on the utilization of services (30 days readmissions, ED visits, and clinic visits) to determine the impact of remote monitoring on health status and utilization of healthcare services. You will post a description of the focus of your scenario. You will describe the data that could be used and how the data might be collected and accessed. You will discuss what knowledge might be derived from that data. Finally considering your role as a nurse leader you will explain how you would use clinical reasoning and judgment in the formation of knowledge from this experience. Remember your scenario needs to focus on groups of patients or staff.

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NURS 5051 Walden University Application of Data to Problem Solving Discussion

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